Hazelnut cream chocolates

Hazelnut cream, also known as praliné, is a soft chocolate filling that melts in your mouth. It is made from fresh roasted hazelnuts and is used in chocolates with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Taste our hazelnut cream on its own, with nuts, paired with cinnamon or pistachio, ... The combinations are endless!  Discover all our chocolates here.  

Discover the authentic recipe of our hazelnut chocolates

At Valentino Chocolatier we are proud of our delicious hazelnut chocolates. We only use the best ingredients to ensure that our hazelnut chocolates are of the highest quality. We make these chocolates in the traditional way. Curious? Here we share the process!

We start by roasting our hazelnuts. This gives them the delicious taste we look for in our hazelnut cream. Then we make the filling by mixing the hazelnuts with sugar and milk powder. This ensures a creamy, rich taste. We then add chocolate and mix everything well. Our chocolatiers form the filling into small balls and place them on a baking tray. The balls are then covered with a layer of chocolate to finish them off.

The result is a delicious hazelnut cream chocolate that melts in your mouth!