The taste of chocolate reinvented

At Valentino Chocolatier we only use the very best, fresh white, milk and dark chocolate. We love this sweet gold. Yet there is still a well-kept secret: single origin chocolate.

Single origin: one country, one region, one plantation

As a true connoisseur, you know that nothing beats single origin cocoa. This chocolate is made from cocoa beans from one specific region or country, which makes the taste and aromas unique. Discover the refined flavour palette of beans from Ecuador, Vanuatu, Brazil, Ghana and Papua.

Discover the unique flavours 

You can compare single origin chocolates with a perfectly roasted coffee, a good whiskey or an exclusive wine. Full of different notes and aromas of unexpected ingredients. It's a creation that you must have tasted as a foodie.

Do you want to buy an original gift for foodies?

Surprise the chocolate fans in your life with a delicious gift. You can buy our single origins as special gift boxes, individual sweets and bars with 44% and 70% cocoa.