Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter and a little sugar. Because it's made without milk, dark chocolate is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and lactose-intolerant people. Dark chocolates exists in a variety of cacao percentages. The higher the amount of cacao, the more bitter and intense the chocolate tastes. Chocolate connoisseurs will enjoy our Single Origin chocolate. These are chocolate bars with chocolate made from a single bean with a very specific amount of cacao. 

Chocolates with dark Belgian chocolate

Valentino Chocolatier makes delicious artisan chocolates with the very best dark Belgian chocolate and fillings with hazelnut creamcaramelganache and Manon. Next to the classic tastes, we also sell a large assortment of dark chocolate chocolates that are  sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.  

Delicious gifts with dark chocolate

Are you looking to buy gifts with dark chocolate? Then discover our gift baskets with chocolates, biscuits and regional products or take a look at our boxes with chocolates in dark chocolate!


Dark chocolate, a healthy treat!

Valentino Chocolatier offers a delicious selection of dark chocolate that is not only tasty, but also offers some surprising health benefits. Dark chocolate contains a high content of cocoa, which is packed with antioxidants that protect our body.

Another benefit of dark chocolate is that it can help us improve our mood. Dark chocolate contains tryptophan, a substance that helps our body to produce serotonin. Serotonin is known as the 'happiness hormone'. A piece of dark chocolate is therefore a real mood booster!

Moreover, dark chocolate can also help us keep our hearts healthy. It contains flavonoids, a substance that can lower our blood pressure. In addition, dark chocolate can also improve our cholesterol levels by increasing the good cholesterol.

In short, dark chocolate can be not only a treat, but also a healthy choice. So feel free to grab another bite!