Raise money for your team, club or good cause

How does it work?

Register your club/team by sending your details to Organise a sale (or pre-sale) of Valentino bags filled with our real Belgian chocolate truffles, Easter eggs or Seashells. The 162,5g or 325g bags are filled with an assortment of '9 or 18 chocolate truffels' , '13 or 26 Easter eggs' or Seashells 11 or 22 hearts. We make and deliver your order or you pick it up. Production lead time: 1 week, free delivery from 250 € in Belgium. You organise the sale and raise money for your team, club or good cause!

Succes factors:

  • Real Belgian Valentino chocolates that are easy to sell.
  • Large profit margin creating a nice budget for your club, team or cause.
  • Fun team building activity.
  • Easy to organise.



Send us the following details:

Email us the following information

  • official name of your team/club
  • the contact person for this fundraising event
  • telephone number, mobile number
  • email
  • address of your team/club : street, number, post code, commune
  • VAT number (if applicable)

As soon as we receive your registration we will email you more information on pricing and margins for your fundraiser and you will receive a sample bag of our chocolate truffels or Easter eggs. You will also receive a customer code to place your orders.