Chocolates with marzipan

You probably know marzipan as sugared strawberries, marzipan pigs, snowballs and marzipan potatoes. Valentino Chocolatier chooses only the very best marzipan with at least 40% almonds for its chocolates and candies. As a result, the marzipan has a slightly bitter taste that is perfectly balanced by the sweet taste of sugar and chocolate. It's a true delicacy that melts on your tongue!

Fresh almond marzipan, a real delicacy

Marzipan or almond paste is a fine paste of the very best almonds combined with icing sugar. Our handmade marzipan contains 40% Spanish almonds from the Valencia region and has a slightly bitter almond flavour. This almond marzipan, unlike the marzipan from the supermarket, is buttery soft and not too sweet. One bite and you're sold!