Buy chocolate truffles: discover all the flavors!

Chocolate truffles are a great treat to give as a gift. When buying round truffles or flakey truffles, there are different flavours to choose from, including liqueur, gin, amaretto, almond, gingerbread,... You can buy chocolate truffles in window boxes, bags or in a ballotin with our other delicious chocolates.

Give friends and family delicious chocolate truffles as a gift

Chocolate truffles are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it for a birthday, holiday or as a thank you. They are wonderful to give and receive. If you are looking for a special gift, why not choose a box or bag of chocolate truffles? 

Tip: It is important to know the best way to store your truffles. Store them in a refrigerator or a cool, dark place to preserve their flavour and texture.