Where Beer Meets Chocolate

…Belgium, of course!


Perfection lies in the careful balance of bitter and sweet—perfect partners. That’s what makes our amber colored beer and rich dark Belgian chocolate such great companions. Our beer aims to welcome you into a exciting new world of food & drink pairing, where beer and chocolate meet. Give this combo of two delectable Belgian icons a try—it won't disappoint!


The Origin

About the beer


Our "gastronomic, chocolate-pairing beer" has an ABV of 6.5% and is fermented in the bottle. It is an amber colored beer brewed to perfectly complement dark chocolate. Part of the beer’s secret lies in its full-bodied character and complex flavor profile that forms during the fermentation process—a subtle interplay of vanilla, raisins, caramel, and grain notes. It's an aging beer that evolves as it gets older. Brewed at Brewery Anders in the heart of Belgium, this beer is based on a recipe crafted by a Valentino Chocolatier. Our beer was awarded a bronze medal in the specialty beer category at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

About the creator

Passionate about the beer and chocolate

Sven Deman (Valentino chocolatier), creator of Where Beer Meets Chocolate, has developed a true passion for beer and chocolate. When you love both, it is easy to see how well they can go together. As a beer connoisseur and chocolatier, Sven saw the potential in the pairing and, with a cultivated understanding of the balance of the two flavors, developed a recipe that would showcase the harmony between beer and chocolate. Sven has been able to bring two great Belgian products together to produce a very unique marriage of beer and chocolate. The result is that we can present our chocolate pairing beer to you!


The Art of Pairing

How to Pair Beer and Chocolate

Follow these instructions carefully

The science of beer and chocolate pairing can be very tricky for the novice tester. We know you don't want to get anything wrong when it comes to combining beer and chocolate, so here are our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Pour the Beer
  2. Let the Dark Chocolate melt in your mouth
  3. Drink the beer and let it combine with the melted chocolate in your mouth

4. Lastly—the most important step—ENJOY!

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