A Real Belgian Chocolate Family

Welcome to Valentino


Founded in 1978, Valentino, our family business, has grown to become one of the top producers of authentic Belgian chocolates. Holding ourselves to the traditional Belgian standards of quality and craftsmanship, we offer a wide range of fun, flavorful, and fair chocolate gifts for families, friends, and colleagues looking to surprise each other. 




For every occasion, we aim to delight you with great gift options. In our shops, you’ll find our fresh, handmade assortment of chocolates along with unique chocolate delicacies and tables full of wonderful gift ideas. So, if you're looking for a beautiful gift to win the hearts of friends and family (or maybe just a little treat for yourself), we’re certain you’ll find it at Valentino. Whatever your budget or preference, we believe every day deserves a moment of indulgence with Valentino.  

Our Chocolate Story

What do we stand for?

We want our chocolates to speak for themselves.

Valentino stands for love, a hint of seduction, and a desire for more... chocolate, that is. Co-founder Helen’s grandmother also had a crush on the famous Italian actor Rudolph Valentino, which certainly was a factor in coming up with the company name. Today, Valentino stands for a family owned business operated in the heart of Belgium with a passion for chocolate, family, and bringing people together.

True Belgian Chocolates

What makes us unique when it comes to chocolates

At Valentino, we choose to work with only natural ingredients, which allows us to keep our recipes simple but our chocolates full of character. Many of our chocolates are made with light, creamy fillings, making it easy to reach for just one…or two, or three more. To keep things exciting, we create a new chocolate every month and encourage everyone who enters one of our stores to give it a try.

Our company's mission

Our Promise

And beliefs

Everyday we want to live up to our promise to provide you with “your gift for every reason, your gift for every season” and offer you the widest range of fun, flavorful, and fair chocolate gifts. This is why we operate five chocolate & gift shops in the greater Brussels area, which feature 7-meter long chocolate counters with 100 varieties of our chocolate forms and flavors for customers to chose from. These in combination with large, beautifully decorated gift tables displaying more than 100 chocolate gifts for every season keep our customers coming back for more.

Our Passion

And pride

We take great pride in both making and selling our chocolates in Belgium. We believe that by providing the best locally, we can bring our high Belgian standards to the world. Expecting nothing but the best from the products we use to create true Belgian delicacies, we dream of making this world a better and happier place by helping people celebrate all of life’s special moments. Join us in making this a dream come true!





The Sweet Beginning

A passion for chocolate

The sweet story of Valentino’s success begins with the enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of a young couple from Brussels. In 1978, Helen De Leener (23), the daughter of a chocolatier, and her husband, Willy Roelandts (25), founded a small chocolate workshop in the center of Brussels. With a passion for chocolate and a healthy dose of ambition, they started working on their dream.



The move to Anderlecht

Chocolates in need of a home

Over the years, more and more handcrafted chocolates melted in mouths in Belgium and abroad. Valentino needed more space. So Helen and Willy decided to take the next step: move to a new workshop. They founded a new home for their growing business in Anderlecht, Brussels in 1986. The facility was not only bigger, it also had office space. With their three young children in tow, Helen and Willy rolled up their sleeves and got to work on renovations.


"Can I buy chocolates here"

Chocolates in demand

Locally, Valentino's success did not go unnoticed. Although Willy and Helen started out by selling their chocolates to bakers and pastry shops, their delicious creations soon won over Belgian consumers. More and more, neighbors came knocking at their door asking if they could buy their homemade chocolates. This sparked the idea of opening a shop of their very own. And so, the first of many Valentino stores was born.


From Anderlecht to Schepdaal

Chocolates in need of a bigger home

Valentino's delicious chocolates at fair prices drew more and more chocolate fans, and before long, the building in Anderlecht, too, grew too small. So Valentino moved to a new chocolate atelier about 5 km outside of Brussels. By then, the Valentino team had grown to 20 people.



Stepping up Valentino Production

To Belgium and beyond

Thirty-two years and millions of freshly handmade chocolates later, it was time to take the next step. Chocoholics in Belgium and abroad went crazy for the Valentino taste. To meet customers’ demands, Helen and Willy signed off on an expansion. With 2500 square meters of space, their very own chocolate factory was ready for more... chocolates, of course.



Bright Chocolate Future

What's next? Only the chocolates can say

Valentino's family owned chocolate company is now a thriving business with a team of 40 employees. While the main focus is still the local Belgian market—served by five fully owned stores and 50 private stores around the country—Valentino chocolates also travel the world, delighting customers with the best of Belgium, from China to Chile and many countries in between.


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Chocolates with a heart

What's better than doing the right thing?


At Valentino, we strive to be a pillar of the community both nationally and internationally. We have chosen to partner with Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), a cause that is close to our hearts. Each year, we are able to raise and donate funds we hope will help improve the lives of others. Chocolate has given us so much, and we want to spread the love by promoting events in our stores to help support the Doctors Without Borders organization.

Since 2007, Doctors Without Borders has provided medical aid in an effort to reduce disease and mortality rates among victims of the conflict in the Masisi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo—an area with a population of around 370,000. Doctors Without Borders works out of different facilities and in collaboration with the Congolese Ministry of Health. In contrast to other public medical centers in the country, Doctors Without Borders hospitals offer consultations and treatments to patients for free. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to find out more about our fundraising events. We would love your help in donating to this worthy cause.