It's the season for…. chocolate!

Chocolate, we can't stop talking about it. From enjoying chocolate with your coffee to Easter eggs for Easter and chocolate figurines for Saint-Nicholas, at Valentino Chocolatier we believe that every moment is a chocolate moment.

Delicacies for every occasion

We Belgians are chocolate fans. Logically, we have many holidays in both spring and autumn in which this delicious treat plays an important role. Day in, day out, our chocolatiers are busy making the most delicious seasonal chocolate to match the theme of these holidays.

Celebrate spring with delicious Easter chocolate

In the spring it is time for a big Easter party. Invite the whole family, decorate the house, hide Easter eggs in the garden and let the children find them, surprise young and old with delicious gifts and nibble on cute Easter figurines in chocolate, … These are the perfect ingredients for a cozy get-together!

Celebrate warm and cozy with Sinterklaas

In the fall, the little ones look forward to that one date: December 6! The preparations already start with writing a letter to Saint-Nicholas, preparing the shoes and waiting patiently. To then jump out of bed on the morning and discover which gifts and treats the good man has brought. Whether you still believe in Saint-Nicholas or not, it is an established fact that this holiday is a feast for your taste buds. With gingerbread, marzipan pigs and delicious chocolate, we think it's a holiday to fully enjoy!