Discover the irresistible flavours of our Belgian chocolate specialties

Belgium is known for its delicious specialties with chocolate.
There is a wide variety of treats to choose from, including truffles, snowballs, orangettes, chocolate seafood, candied fruit, pâte de fruits and marshmallows. These Belgian specialties are made by hand, which gives them a unique and delicious taste.

Specialties with chocolate

Truffles are a delicious treat that come in a variety of flavours and fillings. Snowballs, on the other hand, are a traditional Belgian confectionery consisting of a marshmallow cloud covered with chocolate and icing sugar. Chocolate seafood is similar in shape to different sea creatures and is filled with delicious hazelnut cream.

Belgian specialties with fruit

Orangettes are small, orange chocolate specialties made from candied orange peel. Cerisettes are the famous cherries covered in chocolate. Candied fruit and pâte de fruits are delicious as a snack with coffee or afternoon tea.

Treat yourself with the best chocolate specialties from Belgium

It is clear that there is a Belgian specialty for every taste. If you're looking for something delicious to share with friends and family, or just to treat yourself, Belgian chocolate specialties are the perfect choice. Experience the rich flavours and textures of these treats and discover why Belgian chocolate is so popular. You can buy the specialties in our stores and webshop. Perfect to get acquainted with all the goodies that our country has to offer!